The Great Yorkshire Fringe 2016 Review

The Great Yorkshire Fringe is set to return to the centre of York any day now, and with a year gone by since the last one, I thought that it was about time I published my long overdue review of the event.

When the Great Yorkshire Fringe arrives in town, there is instantly a different feeling in the air. Although the event is nowhere near the size of the one held in Edinburgh every year, I do feel as though some of the spirit of the larger show has been brought down to York for a few weeks. The three tents in the centre of Parliament Street including the fabulous Rotunda, make great venues for the comedy, music and theatre which is on show during those few weeks.

When it comes to the acts from 2016, Richard Herring was one of my favourites along with off beat comic Paul Foot. Also the new comedian of the year event was very well received this year and all of the entrants deserve a medal for having the courage to get up there and do it. One of the best things about attending the new comedian competition is that you get to vote at the end for your favourite performers and with so many good ones to choose from it can really be a tricky decision.

Great Yorkshire Fringe

There are a couple of bars in the enclosure as well as a few food outlets, and the standard of food there was very high. Whether you are a vegan or meat lover, there will be something there to suit you. The seating area is a lovely place to sit and relax for a few hours whilst soaking up the great vibes.

One thing that didn’t manage to spoil the event in 2016 was the weather. As we all know, British summer time can be very unpredictable and had it rain, the who thing would have definitely hot had the nice, sunny feeling that it had.

Some of the other best acts which I was at the show in 2016 include Barbara Nice, The Thinking Drinkers and The Private Gentlemen’s Yacht Club. All of whom added their unique brand of humour to a festival which is firmly cementing itself on the map.

Let’s hope that the 2017 can live up to last year and that the weather stays nice enough so that even more people will attend and make sure that the Yorkshire Fringe continues for year and years to come.