Which are the best Cinemas in York?

York has a fairly small but varied choice when it comes to cinemas. Everybody loves a trip to the cinema occasionall, buy which one is the best in York? Here is our take on the options available to you when you are planning a trip to the cinema in the city.


If you want a wide selection of films to choose from, the best option is the Vue cinema in the Clifton Moor area of town. This modern cinema is suitable for the who family and with three restaurants located just next door, getting some refreshment after your film is easy. Tickets can be fairly expensive but discounts are available for families and if you go during the afternoon you can often get some great prices. Vue is a chain of cinemas and they can also be found in various other locations up and down the country.


The City Screen

If you want to watch your film in trendier surroundings then the City Screen might be more suitable for you. Located right in the heart of town just off Coney Street, the building is also home to a bar and restaurant where you can find a wide selection of tasty treats. The cinema shows a lot of films that you would probably not get the chance to see in a major chain cinema, such as art house productions and special one off screenings. You can also watch live comedy here in the basement and every week new and old names on the comedy circuit get behind the mike to make the audiences laugh.

city screen

Reel Cinema

What was previously the Odean Cinema has gone through difficult times in the past few years and it soot empty for quite a long period. The building was taken over by the firm Reel and they made an attempt to restore it to its former glory, although it never quite lived up to its promise. The good news is that the cinema has been taken over by Everyman, who have a cinema is Leeds and if that one is anything to go by, when the Odean finally reopens it should be something very special indeed. Their cinemas have luxurious leather couches and table service while you are watching you film, so what could be better for a night at the cinema.

Other Cinemas

If you can’t find a film that you want to watch at any of the cinemas that I have mentioned so far, unfortunately you only option is to travel to Harrogate, Leeds or Malton. There is a wider choice available in Leeds with five different cinemas open around the clock, or if you fancy a trip to a smaller independent firm, why not try the one in the centre of Malton?